Featured Courses

  • How to Use Machine Data at Your Agency
    Turn Data into Operational Intelligence - Interactive [10 minutes]

    Agencies can’t afford to suffer significant downtime or service outages. Interruptions can directly impact the organization’s reputation and hurt citizen engagement with your services. But to ensure that performance is … View Course

  • An Introduction to Combating Insider Threats
    A Multilayered Approach to Detection & Prevention - Interactive [10 minutes]

    Malicious and unintentional insider threats are among the greatest risks to government information security. They can also be the most difficult cyberthreat to identify, given the many methods and motivations … View Course

  • The Roadmap to IT Modernization
    Your Path to Improved Government Technology - Interactive [30 minutes]

    IT modernization is critical to the future of government. Employees and citizens want better services. Agencies need to cut costs even while they add capabilities. And outdated, legacy systems must … View Course

  • Understanding Connected, Digitized Transportation
    Create Smart Transportation Systems - Interactive [13 minutes]

    This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand connected, digitized transportation. In four lessons, we’ll define digitized transportation and explore the challenges and opportunities associated with it. Then, … View Course

  • Getting the Most of Your Data Analytics
    Build a Sentient Enterprise - Interactive [30 minutes]

    Welcome to our GovLoop Academy course about getting the most out of your data analytics and, ultimately, building a sentient enterprise that can generate unique insights into your data automatically. … View Course