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  • Planning a Digital Service Acquisition
    Phase 1 of Digital Acquisitions - Interactive [30 minutes]

    We are standing at a tipping point. Private technology businesses were forced to reevaluate the way they met customer needs when the tech bubble popped in 2001. This reevaluation led … View Course

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things
    Learn the Basics of IoT - Interactive [10 minutes]

    This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand the internet of things (IoT). In three lessons, we’ll define IoT, offer examples of how it works, and discuss some … View Course

  • Using Storage in the Age of Service Delivery
    Find the Best Solutions for Storing Your Data - Interactive [30 Minutes]

    Government’s data is ever-increasing. With the surge of information out there, costs for data storage seem ever-increasing as well. Making the right decisions in data storage is important because it impacts … View Course

  • The Human-Centered Approach
    Create a Human-Centered Government - Interactive [1 hour]

    In order to implement human-centered design in your agency, you’re going to need a toolbox of methods, techniques, and resources, as well as a process to guide you through using … View Course

  • Getting the Most of Your Data Analytics
    Build a Sentient Enterprise - Interactive [30 minutes]

    Welcome to our GovLoop Academy course about getting the most out of your data analytics and, ultimately, building a sentient enterprise that can generate unique insights into your data automatically. … View Course

  • Building Your Information Governance Strategy
    Structure Your Organization's Information - Interactive [30 minutes]

    There is a wealth of data and information out there. Without a proper policy or strategy in place to manage all that information, agencies can become easily overwhelmed. That’s why it’s … View Course

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