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Harnessing the Power of Genomics to Advance Healthcare

With the advent of human-genome sequencing, healthcare providers are looking for more ways to personalize the care they administer to patients. When providers can access patient sequence results quickly, analyze the data, and then provide a custom care plan—or even custom medication— it increases the opportunity for successful treatment.

But taking advantage of all that genomic data can offer comes with a significant set of challenges. Genomic data generally requires a large amount of storage and purpose-built software to analyze. In fact, geneticists predict that it will require up to 40 exabytes of storage to sequence the predicted 100 million to 2 billion human genomes anticipated by 2025.

This course will walk you through how cloud computing will be one key mechanism for helping to manage, share and store the massive file sets of data involved in ingesting genomic data into electronic health records and clinical information systems.

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