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Data Science for Everyone: 3 Things You Should Know

Have you ever looked at a spreadsheet and it seems like a dead end? Maybe it's hard to read or hard to make reasonable conclusions about the data it contains. It's well understood that data powers better decision-making, but getting to those valuable insights can be exhausting and taxing on agency employees.

This is where data science comes in. Data science puts technology like artificial intelligence, predictive modeling and machine learning front and center to take the burden off of people.

Essentially, it more quickly allows your team to get to the insights they need to do their jobs better, no matter their role or experience level.

Specifically, you’ll learn how:

- Data science can be leveraged within an organization to increase efficiencies.
- Different roles within an agency factor into a successful data science project.
- Organizations are using technology such as AI/ML and cloud-native applications to help accelerate their data science efforts.
- Important principles of data science that can be applied at any level of an organization.

Watch on demand to hear from both government and industry leaders about how they're leveraging data science concepts and practices at their organizations.

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