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NextGen May 2022 Summit Lunch Keynotes

Creativity + Productivity: How to Get Your Work Done and Still Be Innovative

Innovation is just a great idea if it isn’t supported by a good culture and process. In this keynote, you will hear from author Nicholas Kittle about how to create truly sustainable innovation, innovation that actually has the power to transform the way we work. He will share his experiences in government and how he has been able to create innovative cultures within agencies.

Public Service as a Pursuit of Passionate Purpose: Success Strategies for a Rewarding Career

What does it mean to truly be passionate about your job? If you aren’t, how do you find your purpose? In this lightning keynote, you will hear from author and former Colorado Chief Information Officer Theresa Szczurek, about how she discovered a passion in her work and transformed the way she viewed her role in public service.

ReLearning How to Learn: 7 Essential Life Skills

There are certain skills that if mastered will help you grow your career. In his keynote, author and Carolina Cyber Center Executive Director, Adam Bricker will share his seven essential life skills that have helped him excel in his storied career.

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