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Virtual Summit - Stuck in Neutral: How to Jumpstart Change in Gov - Session 1

Session 1 - Why Agility Matters in Transformation

Government Opening Keynote: How Gov Can Think Differently About Transformation
- Dorothy Aronson, Chief Information Officer, National Science Foundation

Throw out all the salt in cooking? It’s not possible…or at the very least not very easy. Neither is starting over at an agency with brand new technologies and processes. Much like salt in our food, governments come with legacy infrastructures and processes. In this opening government keynote, you will hear from an agency innovator who has rethought how to transform organizations coupled with the reality of government networks.

Lightning Talk 1: Putting the Human First - How Gov is Building Trust
- Sydney Heimbrock, Head of Government Industry Advisory, Qualtrics

Every government agency strives to provide a great experience for its constituents and employees, but legacy systems (and sometimes mindset) make designing for the human challenging. In this lightning keynote, you will hear real life examples of how government agencies are executing human centered design with the help of experience management to deliver more impactful constituent services.

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