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Cybersecurity Crash Course

Information security may very well be the defining challenge of this era of government. How will government meet security demands with cyber attacks coming from every side? Even if you think you’re not on the front lines of the battle, trust us: you need to be on the defensive every single day. This series of 10 short videos will address questions like:
- What does it mean to be secure?
- What’s critical infrastructure? Why is it at risk?
- I am not a cyber professional — why should I care about cybersecurity?
- What kinds of attacks are we most vulnerable to?
- What is our plan when we are attacked?

Cybersecurity isn’t important only to the IT professional; it takes a culture of cybersecurity and awareness to protect data. Even if you aren’t directly dealing with cybersecurity on a daily basis, you need to know the basics. That’s what this short course is designed to do.

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