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Overworked? There Could Be an App for That

Are you overwhelmed and burned out?

Think about your day-to-day work. You are probably feeling a little overwhelmed and burned out with all you have to do. Just think how many applications you use to get your job done. Email, virtual meetings, collaboration software, databases? It's easy to forget how dependent we are on technology, even if we don't consider ourselves technology experts. In fact, 98% of agencies consider their applications to be essential to their business operations.

Specifically, you'll learn how:
- To empower your team to think through tech and business problems differently and come up with innovative solutions.
- A better day-to-day work environment could be possible if agencies and their partners build, deploy, and scale cloud-based applications.
- The cloud can help agencies run smarter and adapt to change and create essential applications.

Watch on demand to learn new ways of developing applications can help us be more efficient, secure and innovative. All of which, will lead to less overworked and burned out employees.

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