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Session 1: The Elements of a True Transformation Effort

Government Opening Keynote: How Good Questions Lead to Meaningful Outcomes
Michael Gregg, North Dakota Cybersecurity Chief

In this opening government keynote, you will hear from an agency innovator who has made major transformations happen by asking good questions. They will share key questions you must ask at the beginning of a new project that will lead to truly meaningful outcomes.

Lightning Talk 1: Creating a Culture of Learning
Tony Holmes, Practice Lead for Solutions Architects Public Sector, Pluralsight

Technology is arguably at the center of every organization today and closing the gap between the technology skills that are needed for mission success and those that are available is one of the most important challenges government agencies face. Continuous learning is the key driver to employee success and achievement – especially as new technologies and tools drive innovation forward.

Building a culture of learning not only addresses this problem, but it can also be a key strategy in becoming a high-performance organization. In this fireside chat, you will hear from an industry leader about how to create a learning environment at your organization.

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