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Session 3: How Management and Tech Truly Lead to Mission Success

Government Lightning Keynote: Finding Purpose and Connection in Hybrid Work
Mel Kepler, Coach and Facilitator

Are you on mute? Can you see me? In our hybrid world, finding ways to connect can be a challenge. However, this reality is going to be the future of government work. Therefore, agencies need to find ways to make it effective. In this government keynote, you will hear from a leader about how to find purpose and true connection in hybrid work.

Lightning Talk 4: Is Your Workforce Ready for the Future?
Kevin Brooks, Field CTO and Executive Strategist, Defense and National Security, ServiceNow

Having a skilled and capable workforce is essential for mission success. However, attracting, training and retaining the talent necessary is not easy. In fact, it's getting harder, as increased workloads lead to burnout, falling morale and lower employee engagement scores. What can be done? In this lightning keynote, you'll hear from an industry expert about strategies to better prepare the workforce of the future.

Lightning Talk 5: 5 Myths that Prevent Modernization - and What You Can Do About It
Shonte Eldridge, Senior Director, State and Local Government Strategy and Solutions, DocuSign

Most of us have been told a new technology won't fly because "We don’t have the resources" Yet, in reality, it's fear, uncertainty, and doubt that prevent governments from completing a successful digital transformation. In this lightning keynote, you will hear from an industry expert about how to bust those myths wide open and forge a path toward better internal collaboration and efficient workflows.

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