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Getting Creative with Cyber - How to Address Your Agency’s Needs

In a world where the workforce is increasingly virtual, the need for secure networks is more important than ever. Across government, agencies are implementing security policies and principles to comply with requirements set forth by President Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity. What does this mean for you and your agency? What does it mean to be completely untrusted on a network? What are the do’s and don'ts of a zero trust landscape?

Specifically, you’ll learn:

The impact of zero trust on your day to day work and how you can keep your organization as secure as possible in a zero trust cyber landscape.
Tools and solutions that can help you strengthen your agency’s cybersecurity posture.
How agencies are adjusting policies to address cyber threats and protect important and sensitive data.

Watch on demand to hear from government and industry experts as we answer these questions and more to go “beyond the buzzwords” of cybersecurity to explore what zero trust really means for users.

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