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Implementing Automation to Eliminate Manual and Repetitive Work

If there was only one adjective to describe employees in 2019, a good choice would be “overwhelmed.” Across offices, employees are bombarded by nonstop streams of things to do, and these demands attack from every angle. In the middle of writing a report or sending an email, employees could receive a notification on another device – something that’s “high priority” and needs to be answered immediately. And in government, this feeling is heightened by public sector requirements to record or upload data and information.

These are all reasons why cutting-edge governments have embraced RPA, a technology that automates thoughtless and repetitive actions on computers. RPA, which stands for robotic process automation, works with users to allow them to be more productive while the RPA bot takes care of the procedural side of things. This course will explore how agencies can implement RPA to solve common challenges and transform government.

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