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How to Visualize Key Data in Your Agency

Public sector organizations face a unique challenge when it comes to the cloud: how can they successfully migrate their operations while maintaining the security standards that the Federal Government and other public entities require. To solve this problem, Amazon created the AWS GovCloud (US), accessible to US customers who meet strict security and compliance standards.

Whether you’re currently on GovCloud or planning to migrate, Datadog - in partnership with AWS - provides you complete visibility into your AWS GovCloud (US) infrastructure and allows you to visualize key data, from host health and latency distribution, to memory allocation, error rates, endpoint performance, and more right out of the box.

Watch on demand for a technical overview and to learn how to:
-Monitor your AWS GovCloud (US) infrastructure and visualize key data
-Gather business-critical metrics from your AWS GovCloud (US) environment
-Adopt complete observability across other parts of your applications and systems

The technical overview will be augmented with a panel session covering Datadog's journey through FedRAMP certification and taking questions from the audience.

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