How people are learning is changing. Modern learning is a continuous, interactive cycle that is increasingly occurring online. Think about how you learn. You may search the internet for articles, watch video tutorials, post on a discussion forum, or read case studies. You don’t have much time, so you want that content to be impactful and relevant. And that’s just the type of learning experiences we create for today’s government workforce.

Most people find in-person workshops and mandated “page turner” videos to be boring, un-engaging and ultimately ineffective at achieving learning objectives. GovLoop Learning’s mission is to transform learning for government, whether that’s converting classroom-based training or flipping the script on ineffective webinars.

High-Impact Learning Experiences

First, we convert your existing training content (whether it’s in-person or online) into interactive courses that include videos and digital reference guides. These learning experiences are tailored for your audience learning objectives, whether it’s a series of 4-5 minute, interactive videos or a 6-week social learning course with 100 participants.

We have created innovative learning experiences for agencies like the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Personnel Management and the Small Business Administration.

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User-Friendly Platform

We know that nobody likes their current LMS. That’s why we created a next generation learning platform that is easy-to-use and built to support the learning cycle with a mobile-friendly design. Course enrollment, engagement and completion are made much easier in order to minimize your staff’s time in training and better reach a distributed workforce. Plus, we can help your department make better, data-driven decisions with high-level reporting and performance trending. Bonus: our platform incorporates both digital individual development plans (IDP) and mentoring components as well.

GovLoop’s Learning Platform is currently being used by the Treasury Executive Institute, Small Business Administration and Young Government Leaders.

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