Getting the Most of Your Data Analytics

Build a Sentient Enterprise - Interactive [30 minutes]

Welcome to our GovLoop Academy course about getting the most out of your data analytics and, ultimately, building a sentient enterprise that can generate unique insights into your data automatically. … View Course

A Layered Approach to Insider Threat Prevention

Threat Protections at Every Level - Interactive [10 minutes]

Agencies have more potential attackers than ever to consider, but oftentimes, the most potent dangers are the ones that come from within an organization. Insider threats have tried to infiltrate … View Course

Introduction to DDoS Attacks

Prepare for Distributed Denial of Service - Interactive [30 minutes]

Welcome to the GovLoop Academy course on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, where you will learn about what they are and how your agency can prevent and respond to … View Course

Administration of a Digital Services Acquisition

Phase 4 of Digital Acquisitions - Interactive [30 minutes]

Welcome to Administration for Digital Service Acquisitions, part 4 of the Knight Foundation’s Digital Services Acquisition learning path. When you know how to plan, solicit and award your digital service … View Course

Open Data Fundamentals

Government Case Studies and Lessons - Interactive [30 minutes]

For far too long, the government’s data assets have been locked away in siloed systems, in less-than-ideal formats and with little incentive for agencies to share data across bureaus or … View Course


Explore the Three Cloud Service Delivery Models - Interactive [30 minutes]

Welcome to the GovLoop Academy IT-as-a-Service course, where you will learn about three cloud service delivery models, how they are different, and what they can do for your agency.   … View Course

Making Smarter IT Investments

Choose the Right Cloud Solution for You - Interactive [30 minutes]

Cloud is a common buzzword in the IT world, and in our daily lives we use the cloud to do everything from check email, to access work files, to online … View Course

A Guide to Cloud Success

Understand the Amazon Web Services Cloud Adoption Framework - Interactive [30 minutes]

This 30-minute course is designed to get you up to speed on Amazon Web Services’ (or AWS, as we’ll refer to it throughout) cloud offerings. We’ll be discussing cloud computing and … View Course

DevOps Fundamentals

Understand and Utilize DevOps For Your Agency - Video [30 minutes]

Let’s start with the basics. What’s the definition of DevOps? And what does it do, anyways? You might have heard the phrase before, but not be sure of what it … View Course

Obstacles, Resources, and Attitudes Toward Money

Learn the Common Obstacles to Achieving Financial Security - Video [30 minutes]

It may surprise many of us that, in addition to lack of resources, sometimes our biggest obstacles to financial stability can boil down to our attitudes. Identifying common obstacles, resources, … View Course