Innovate From the Inside Out

Creating an Innovation Plan - Video [6 minutes]

We often think of innovation as the result of special genius that comes from a unique person’s brain or a lab hidden in some far corner of an agency. But … View Course

Introduction to Telework

Equipping Employees for Success - Video [30 minutes]

A growing number of government agencies are leveraging remote working environments so that their employees can achieve greater productivity and a work/life balance. As a result, public sector professionals are … View Course

It’s All About the Work

Organizing Your Organization to Get Work Done - Video [30 minutes]

Leadership styles differ. Becoming an effective leader requires a combination of innovative leadership practices and the formation of good habits. It takes an effective leader to transform organizations for the better. … View Course

Know Thyself: An Introduction to Self-Awareness

Video [30 Minutes]

Ever get so psyched out over negative self-talk that you forego applying for that new position or promotion? Wish you could see yourself the way others see you? In this … View Course

Leadership Risk

Understand and Manage Risk at Your Organization - Video [35 minutes]

Risk is inevitable, especially when you’re working in an innovative, forward-thinking organization. As a leader, it’s your job to understand those risks, accept them, manage them, and help others do the same. By … View Course

Leading in the Dark

Facing Leadership Dilemmas with Incomplete Information - Video [35 minutes]

Managing uncertainty and making the best decisions possible in the face of incomplete information can be especially difficult. But leading in the dark is an inevitable part of our professional … View Course

Leading Under Oath

Learn to Excel in Senior Government Leadership - Video [40 minutes]

Becoming a senior leader in government is an excellent opportunity, not only to serve the public but to hone your individual leadership skills in a unique environment. In this course, we … View Course

Own Your Day

20 Productivity Tips - Video [40 minutes]

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talks about the “10X Engineer.” That’s the member of his team who is ten times more productive than the average engineer. So how can you be the … View Course

Personal Power

Harnessing Your Energy for Good in Government - Video [1 hour]

You probably wield more power than you realize. Regardless of your title, you have the power to choose how you react in every situation. You also have the ability to … View Course

Public Speaking

Ten Tips from GovLoop's Founder - Video [30 minutes]

Public speaking is an art and it does take practice. While you can’t wake up and assume you’re going to be an excellent public speaker, you can hone the skills … View Course