Hyperconvergence 101

Learn the Basics of HCI - Interactive [10 minutes]

This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand hyperconvergence. In three lessons, we’ll explain the different types of information technology infrastructures and how they have evolved and … View Course

Introduction to DevOps

Learn the Basics of DevOps - Interactive [10 minutes]

This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand DevOps. In three lessons, we’ll define the development process known as DevOps, outline the benefits of this approach and … View Course

Operationalizing Hyperconverged Infrastructures

How to Effectively Deploy HCI - Interactive [10 minutes]

This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand how to successfully integrate hyperconverged infrastructure into your hybrid cloud strategy. In three lessons, we’ll discuss how hyperconverged infrastructure … View Course

The Roadmap to IT Modernization

Your Path to Improved Government Technology - Interactive [30 minutes]

IT modernization is critical to the future of government. Employees and citizens want better services. Agencies need to cut costs even while they add capabilities. And outdated, legacy systems must … View Course

Your Playbook for Records Management

Creating Your Digital Records Strategy - Interactive [30 Minutes]

Records management is a top-of-mind issue in government today. That’s not just because initiatives like the 2012 Managing Government Records Directive requires agencies to digitize their information. There are also … View Course

How to Build Connected Security

Combine Physical Security, Network Security and Cybersecurity

We used to think of security in terms of fences, barred windows, and barricades to physical locations. Then, with the rise of computers and other technologies, we began to worry … View Course

Software-Defined Networking in Government

Make the Most of Your Networks - Interactive [30 minutes]

Government is constantly delivering new, innovative services to a growing and diverse citizen base. But as these new services are created, many of the traditional and legacy networks powering government … View Course

Converged Infrastructures for Government

Optimize Your Operations with Convergence – Interactive [30 minutes]

Welcome to the GovLoop course on Converged Infrastructures for Government. The history of technology is dotted with significant steps forward, and convergence is one of them.   By taking this … View Course

Using Storage in the Age of Service Delivery

Find the Best Solutions for Storing Your Data - Interactive [30 Minutes]

Government’s data is ever-increasing. With the surge of information out there, costs for data storage seem ever-increasing as well. Making the right decisions in data storage is important because it impacts … View Course

Determining Your Agency’s Cloud Readiness

Prepare Your Organization for Cloud - Interactive [30 minutes]

You’ve probably thought something along the lines of, “I’ve been told to embrace cloud to reduce data center costs, but I’m not sure I’m ready for cloud. Where do I … View Course