Innovate From the Inside Out

Creating an Innovation Plan - Video [6 minutes]

We often think of innovation as the result of special genius that comes from a unique person’s brain or a lab hidden in some far corner of an agency. But … View Course

Introduction to Telework

Equipping Employees for Success - Video [30 minutes]

A growing number of government agencies are leveraging remote working environments so that their employees can achieve greater productivity and a work/life balance. As a result, public sector professionals are … View Course

Leadership Risk

Understand and Manage Risk at Your Organization - Video [35 minutes]

Risk is inevitable, especially when you’re working in an innovative, forward-thinking organization. As a leader, it’s your job to understand those risks, accept them, manage them, and help others do the same. By … View Course

Leading in the Dark

Facing Leadership Dilemmas with Incomplete Information - Video [35 minutes]

Managing uncertainty and making the best decisions possible in the face of incomplete information can be especially difficult. But leading in the dark is an inevitable part of our professional … View Course

Leading Under Oath

Learn to Excel in Senior Government Leadership - Video [40 minutes]

Becoming a senior leader in government is an excellent opportunity, not only to serve the public but to hone your individual leadership skills in a unique environment. In this course, we … View Course

Strategies for Change

Implement Change and Gain Leadership Buy-in - Video [35 minutes]

Big and small changes in the workplace require sensible leadership. There are many implications in small vs. big changes, which can also affect how you attain leadership buy-in. In this … View Course

The Government Innovator

Insights from 4 People Who’ve Pushed the Limits - Video [1 hour 30 minutes]

You can change government. Don’t believe us? Listen to these four short presentations by people  who know a thing or two about change. Specifically, you will hear from: Todd Park, … View Course

The Impact of Coaching on Engagement

Transform Managers into Coaches - Video [40 minutes]

While every organization has managers in place, fewer enable those leaders to truly coach their employees and ultimately drive engagement.   This course explains how to turn managers into coaches … View Course

The Influence of Character

The Role of Character, Values, and Ethics in Negotiation and Persuasion - Video [35 minutes]

Character at work and life is vital to success. A reputation for strong character and values helps you succeed in influencing and negotiating. It is difficult to imagine long-term influence without … View Course

Understanding Coaching

Learn What It Is and What It Isn't - Video [30 minutes]

There are many aspects to coaching. You may think know what it is but do you really? First, it’s important to define what a coach is, when to actually apply … View Course