Protected: Implementing Automation to Eliminate Manual and Repetitive Work

Move Forward and Further with RPA - Interactive [15 minutes]

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The Value of a Connected Cyber Ecosystem

Make Your Cybersecurity Strategy a Winning One - Interactive [10 minutes]

Agencies face a slew of challenges to their security systems, and responding to all the attacks on their many networks often isn’t possible. Disconnected systems create silos and mean data … View Course

Achieving IT Optimization in the Public Sector Today

Innovate for the Future - Interactive [10 minutes]

Government agencies have invested heavily in infrastructure, applications and processes, but now too many times, it feels like they’re not getting what they first paid for. Systems can get in … View Course

Creating Connected Transportation Systems in Your Community

Move to Connected Roadways - Interactive [10 minutes]

The future of transportation is connected. Between evolving government regulations, growing congestion, rising fuel costs and increasing environmental concerns, government agencies and transit operations need to find better ways to … View Course

Solving Data Challenges with Network-Attached Storage

Innovate into the Future with Dell EMC Isilon and ECS - Interactive [10 minutes]

The federal government handles enormous amounts of data. It maintains much of our personal information, like Social Security and tax records. It collects data across industries for analysis and reporting, … View Course

How Application Performance Management Enhances End User Experience

Invest in End-User Experience - Interactive [10 minutes]

Federal agencies are moving toward a digital transformation to meet mandates addressed in the President’s Management Agenda. As part of that initiative, modernization changes are already underway to improve the … View Course

How Automation Can Improve Efficiency and Increase Output

Pursue IT Modernization with RPA - Interactive [15 minutes]

Government offices are full of paperwork and repetitive tasks, but while these activities may seem like business as usual, they’re taking away from bigger goals. A solution is needed to … View Course

How the 21st Century IDEA Will Transform Government

Improve Customer Experience in Your Agency - Interactive [10 minutes]

Federal agencies have been measuring customer satisfaction since at least 1993, but benchmarking governmentwide results has not been possible because each agency uses its own approach. There are, however, pockets … View Course

Smart Cities and Communities

Embark on the Smart City Journey - Interactive [10 minutes]

Today, modern cities have a lot on their plates to manage, such as economic constraints, rapid urbanization, and environmental sustainability. They also need to address evolving constituent expectations for public … View Course

The Evolution of Identity Proofing: How to Improve the Customer Experience and Protect Against Fraud Risk

Adopt a Multi-Layered Decisioning Platform - Interactive [10 minutes]

Government leaders have prioritized addressing improper payments and citizen safety in government programs for decades, but now the importance has shifted to balancing fraud protection efforts while enhancing customer experience. … View Course