Introduction to the Internet of Things

This course is intended for anyone who wants to better understand the internet of things (IoT). In three lessons, we’ll define IoT, offer examples of how it works, and discuss some … View Course


Administration of a Digital Services Acquisition

Welcome to Administration for Digital Service Acquisitions, part 4 of the Knight Foundation’s Digital Services Acquisition learning path. When you know how to plan, solicit and award your digital service … View Course


Awarding a Digital Services Acquisition

Welcome to Awarding for Digital Service Acquisitions, part 3 of the Knight Foundation’s Digital Service Acquisition learning path. This course is designed to help you determine what offer, proposal, or … View Course


Solicitation for Digital Service Acquisitions

Welcome to  Solicitation for Digital Service Acquisitions, part 2 of the Knight Foundation’s Digital Service Acquisition learning path. In the following lessons, we’ll dive into the specifics of acquisition planning, … View Course


Planning a Digital Service Acquisition

We are standing at a tipping point. Private technology businesses were forced to reevaluate the way they met customer needs when the tech bubble popped in 2001. This reevaluation led … View Course

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The Human-Centered Design Mindset

Every agency has a responsibility to focus its efforts on fulfilling the needs of its citizens. However, it’s unfortunately all-too-common for competing interests to shift the discussion toward internal agendas … View Course


Civic Hackers in Action

Open data fuels innovation, improves transparency and enables better decision-making in government. No matter what your level of experience with open data, these 15 lessons and interactive exercises will help … View Course

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HCD In Action: NYC School Choice Program

Human-Centered Design is making an impact throughout government at all levels: federal, state and local. As you get started using HCD at your agency, you’ll likely need some insider tips … View Course

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DevOps Fundamentals

Let’s start with the basics. What’s the definition of DevOps? And what does it do, anyways? You might have heard the phrase before, but not be sure of what it … View Course


The Government Innovator

You can change government. Don’t believe us? Listen to these four short presentations by people  who know a thing or two about change. Specifically, you will hear from: Todd Park, … View Course