Creating and editing a mentee profile:

  1. The user profile is the primary way mentors will evaluate your candidacy as their mentee. GovLoop recommends that mentees complete as much of their profile as possible.
  2. To create and edit a profile, click the “profile” tab at the top of the GLA homepage, then the “edit profile” button to navigate to the profile editing page (profile > edit profile).
  3. Under the profile editing page, fill in as much information as you would like. GovLoop recommends at least filling out your name, LinkedIn account profile, biographical info, and profile photo fields. Prospective mentors will use this information when selecting mentees.

Browsing Mentors:

  1. To be paired with a mentor, mentees have the option to apply to a mentor that matches their professional goals. Mentees can only apply to one mentor at a time.
  2. To browse mentors, click on the “Action Plan” button at the top right hand corner of the GLA homepage.
  3. Click “Find a Mentor” on the left hand side of the screen. From this page, mentees can view a complete list of mentors or refine the list. Click a competency on the left to refine the list by competency or click “Refine Your Search” to search by state, name, title, or organization.
  4. Click on the name or “view profile” button of a mentor to view their full profile, including their key competencies, years of experience, and professional biography.

Applying to a Mentor:

  1. Once you have identified the mentor that they would like to apply for, click on the “apply to this mentor” button.
  2. After requesting a mentor, an email will be sent to them with the request. After they review the mentees profile, the mentee will be notified by email whether the mentor accepted the request. Expect this process to take 1-3 days after submitting a request.
  3. Please note that you are only able to apply to one mentor at a time. If you would like to apply to a different mentor, you may retract your mentor request by clicking the “Cancel Mentor Request” button on that mentor’s profile.

Tracking your progress:

  1. Once you have been matched with a mentor, mentees should send their mentor a message to set up an initial in-person or virtual meeting. During this meeting, you and your mentor can create goals for the mentoring relationship (i.e. frequency, duration, and mode/location of meetings, and overall expectations).
  2. The GLA Action Plan is the primary way mentees track their progress with their mentor. GovLoop recommends that mentees create their action plans with their mentor, but they can start an action plan prior to matching. You can view your action plans by clicking on the “action plan” bar at the top of the GLA page.
  3. Mentees can edit, check complete, and comment on their action plan in the following ways:
    • Completing tasks: mentees can indicate completion of a goal or task by clicking on the box to the left of the goal or task. Mentors also have the ability to mark goals and tasks complete, however GovLoop recommends that mentees mark these complete.
    • Editing: As a best practice, we encourage that mentees do most of the action plan editing, however mentors can fill in the task and goal title, and optional website link and due date. Website links can go to event pages, additional resources such as GovLoop guides, etc. Mentees can create as many goals as they would like, however GovLoop recommends 2-4 per action plan.
    • Commenting: Mentees and mentors can comment on action plan by clicking on the speech bubble to the right of goals and tasks.
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